How Chapstick Was Conquered by Eos as a Startup in the Lip Balm Industry

Chapstick has been the go to lip balm shopping option for the longest time. These cylindrical lip balms felt ideal with a complete soothing ingredient in them. What’s more, always a variety to cater for everyone ranging from the bold and wild would go for cherry to those who wanted to keep things subtle by option for the original or tasteless flavors. However, seven years ago, EOS came to change all this with their pastel colored orbs balms. This brand filled different store shelves including Costco, Walmart, Walgreens and Target. In fact, editors of beauty sections of different magazines cannot seem to get enough of the EOSs as they rave about the varied flavors. In addition to these, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were seen using the brand in public making it even more popular.

EOS lip balm products are seen splashing pages of magazines. However, the company’s founders are still silent about the company strategy. They disclosed in an exclusive interview with Fast Food Company that they have managed to create a 250 million dollar company that is ranked second in the industry after Burt’s Bee. They have been able to successfully compete with companies such as Blistex and Chapstick that have been in the industry for a longer time.

According to Kline Research, EOS ( has transformed the oral care industry on its own. It is currently doing weekly sales of one million dollars and its prospects for the future seem to be very promising. This is because the lip care industry market is projected to make a 2 billion steady increase by the end of 2020. This is because more people are demanding natural products for their lips thus give EOS an edge as this is their area of specialty.

Work Hard, Shop Hard With Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Many people have put in a hard week at their jobs. They have earned their paychecks. Of course the majority of their money goes to their bills and other necessities. However, if there is any money left over, then they would do well to make purchases at Manaira Shopping, owned by Roberto Santiago. One thing that people have to understand is that they have earned their time so they have to reward themselves with something good at Manaira Shopping. Fortunately, this mall makes it very easy for people to reward themselves. First timers are recommended to look around in order to find something that they want the most.

Manaira Shopping Mall has been designed for people to hang out for a while. There are a ton of establishments that offer their own set of activities. There are also plenty of events that one can be a part of in their visit to the mall. With all of the money and the time off they have earned, it is important to spend it in a way that inspires them and motivates them to go back to work and earn their next weekend off. Manaira Shopping mall makes the work days worth it for people that want to reward themselves.

One of the best activities for Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall for workers is shopping. They can buy any type of product that they can enjoy. One good thing is that the products they buy can be a symbol of all of the hard work they have put in. The best thing is that they could find stores that they would either only find online or would have never heard of.

Manaira Shopping provides people with a much needed escape from their daily frustrations. A ton of creativity has been put into the layout of the mall. This is one of the reasons that it is always very crowded. People are going to find some very interesting features that will catch their attention. They can figure out the perfect day at the shopping center as they find something that is going to change their lives and make them remember the time they had over at the mall.


Mr. Samuel Strauch – The Greatest Investment Expert Of Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a renowned and best real estate professional. He has got a vast experience as a highly professional real estate professional. Mr. Samuel Strauch has got immense competence and made utilization of highly useful strategies that have got inclusive excellence.

Samuel Strauch is a significant investor in various areas like the restaurant and web business. He has got an accurate knowledge of the firm. Mr. Samuel has got ample awareness of value in making an investment. He is a professional who is in high demand in Miami. He has got a high degree of reliability and expertise.

Samuel Strauch is an investor who thinks ahead of time. When he has an imagination of the future, it assists him to be a highly successful financier. He has been helped by many in his career, and those are his team members and fellow investors.

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Samuel Strauch is considered to be an intelligent investor. He is a real estate expert who is in high demand all over the world. He has studied at various universities like Harvard and Hofstra. As far as his record is concerned, he is just perfect in brokerage, real estate management, and varied property aspects.

He loves doing meditation when he is free, and he is a great cyclist too. He has a notion that people need to do those things that lead to upliftment of humanity. Mr. Strauch is highly successful due to his values. He has been very successful as he is transparent, thinks ahead of time and analysis in a thorough manner.

Samuel Strauch also tries to create an everlasting impact on his team associates so that they psychology as him. He believes that order to taste success in the real estate business, one should have ample knowledge of the Macro and Micro market. In this way, one can facilitate custom items to your clients. He has a belief in the development of the human beings.

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Charitable Movements of George Soros

George Soros has given over $12 billion to date making him the foremost philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930 where he participated in the Nazi occupation. Soros moved to England and enrolled in London School of Economics before fleeing to New York as a stock analyst and a trader.

Earlier Life

Soros experienced hard times as he witnessed the Nazi occupation of 1944 that led to murder of 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family secured false identification documents and assisted others to obtain the papers for them to survive. In 1947, he left Budapest for London where he worked as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter to support his tuition at college. In 1956, Soros immigrated to the US and joined the investment and finance world.

Career life

As a philanthropist, he funded organizations and individuals across the universe fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, and accountable government. He empowers leaders who promote social justice and equality. The giving aims at protecting the discriminated groups like those representing the Roma people and sex workers or drug users.

In 1970, the investor launched a hedge fund called the Solos Fund Management that made him a successful developer in America. He spends his fortune to start the Open Society Foundations that is a network of movements, projects, and partners in over 100 nations. The organization reflects his thinking of philosophy of the great Karl Pooper who was an economist author. Read his profile at Forbes.

Philanthropy Work

Started his charity activities in 1979 when he gave scholarships to the black South Africans during the apartheid period. Soros provided photocopiers to promote the idea-exchanging program in Communist Eastern Bloc. After the falling of Berlin Wall, he founded the Central European University to foster learning and critical thinking. Reports show that Soros funded the cultural exchanges between the west and Eastern Europe.

After the cold war, he moved his philanthropy work to US, Asia, and Africa supporting functions that create more transparency, accountability, and democratic societies. He participated in criticizing the war on drugs and starting of America marijuana movement. To push through for an open society, he was a vocal backer activist of same-sex marriage.

Even in his 80s, he takes an active interest in Open Society Foundations by traveling and supporting its operations. It is clear that George Soros is a true legend as he has touched the heart of many people. The success in the equity market has given him independence that allows him to forge his path towards the numerous opportunities.

Political Involvement

He funded 527 groups in 2004 that were to defeat President George Bush. After the re-election of Bush, Soros joined with other donors and formed a political fundraising movement known as Democracy Alliance that demands for progressive infrastructure in US. From 2013, he has financed Hillary Clinton in her campaigns.

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Sam Tabar And His Investment Advice

Sam Tabar has been giving his customers and readers information about investments for quite a long time, and he is writing online often to help his clients learn. This article talks about his social media presence, guidelines for investments and how he helps people save money. There are many things that may be done with the help of Sam Tamar, and he will ensure that every customer is given the proper support.

#1: Sam Writes Online

Sam writes online about a number of investment tips for his customers, and he knows that many of them need to be told that certain things are too good to be true.

Someone who wishes to make changes to their investments cannot move to the first thing they find that looks good. They must ensure that they have done their research properly, and they will find that certain things are simply not possible when they are using certain investments.

#2: Sam Updates Social Media Often

Sam updates his social media often to ensure that all his clients may read about him and his techniques. He shares news stories and information that are helpful for all his clients, and he has helped a number of people by responding to them on social media.

There are many people who will find it quite simple to follow Sam if they need product information, and they will learn where to turn for their next investment.

#3: Energy Investments

Sam has made a number of energy investments, and he works in the energy field where there are many new investments that are changing the world. Sam recommends that a number of his clients will move into energy investment because it will offer greater returns, and he will show them a simpler way to make money that they have not had in the past.

There are many people who will invest with Sam Tabar because they know that he will help them earn more money on each investment. His social media profile, energy investment portfolio and industry knowledge will help everyone earn more cash on the investments that they are making every day.

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Dick DeVos Reveals Where Millions In Charity Have Gone Through His Foundation

Dick DeVos has gone way beyond the success of his business career to build charitable organizations for the Grand Rapids, MI community. While its been known that his gifts have been in the millions, it’s never been known just how much he and his wife Betsy have given in total since starting their foundation in 1992. But when Betsy was chosen to head the US Education Department by President Trump, the DeVos’s disclosed their charity amounts and totaled their lifetime giving to be about $139 million. They also made known where some of their giving went to.


Most of Dick and Betsy DeVos’s giving has supported education and private schools such as Grand Rapids Christian Academy and Potter’s House. They started the Education Freedom Fund along with Children First to provide grants to low-income students and were able to help financially-struggling private schools with special financing options. In 2003 they spearheaded the Great Lakes Education Project, a coalition of charter schools and organized curricula. They later founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school based at the Gerald Ford Airport that specializes in aircraft mechanics and special flight curricula.


Dick DeVos’s business career began back in 1974 when he started working for the company his father cofounded, Amway Corporation. Dick’s father is Richard DeVos Sr., a former advisor and chief campaign donor to former President Gerald Ford and the current owner of the Orlando Magic. Amway Corporation is a direct selling company that allows independent business owners to resell products and generate their own profits as well as referring others to the company. Dick DeVos managed lower level operations of Amway for several years before becoming a vice president and heading the overseas marketing division. In 1989 Dick DeVos left Amway for a few years during which he founded his current company The Windquest Group, and then became CEO of the Orlando Magic. In 1993 he returned to Amway when his father stepped down and took over as CEO. He resigned from that position in 2002 and has spent his recent years building The Windquest Group’s portfolio.


Dick DeVos’s other philanthropies have included a $22 million gift to the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and a contribution to Grand Rapids Children’s Hospitals. The Spectrum Health Foundation selected him as the winner of the Art of Giving award in 2006. That same year Dick DeVos decided to run for Governor as a voice for change in Michigan’s economic policies and a fighter for small businesses. In the end he wasn’t able to win on election day, but he did continue working his influence in Republican circles as an outside donor. In 2012 he joined the Heritage Foundation and several other groups to pass a right-to-work law. Dick DeVos has hobbies such as sailing and piloting planes for his spare time.


The Kabbalah Center at the Forefront of Hollywood’s Mystical Renaissance

Kabbalah is a section of Jewish mysticism that attempts to define the relationship between the eternal and unchanging Ein Sof, or infinite, and the finite mortal universe. It tries to define human nature, why we exist, and various other existential questions, in an effort to achieve spiritual realization.

It is not a religion in itself, but its concepts and teachings have been integral in the origins of denominations like Christianity and New Ageism, among other western arcane adaptations. Since Kabbalah’s roots are firmly entrenched in Judaism, the practice uses a lot of Jewish sources in its teachings and demonstrations. So, why are so many non-Jewish Hollywood celebrities flocking in droves towards Kabbalah, to the point that they practice in regularly and even convert to Judaism in some cases?

Madonna was the first celebrity to become interested in Kabbalah, even launching a number of Kabbalah centers through the years. Since her high-profile involvement, other celebrities have similarly become invested in the practice. These include big names like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, and the late Marylin Monroe, Sammy Davis, and Elizabeth Taylor.

These celebrity practitioners explain that Kabbalah has helped them eliminate chaos in their lives, cope with trauma, and deal with the minutiae of daily life. Others like the late Sammy Davis we’re drawn to Kabbalah to become part of something with such a rich spiritual and ideological history. The Kabbalah Center explains that these are common desires because the practice provides its adherents with practical tools from the arcane wisdom that help create joy, fulfillment and lasting contentment.

Based in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Center has been at the forefront of the mystical Renaissance sweeping through Hollywood. The center was started by master Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922, after which leadership subsequently passed to his student Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, and later to Rav Philip Berg. Philip and his wife, Karen, were critical to Kabbalah’s penetration of Hollywood, leading the movement to his death in 2013.

The Kabbalah Center is a global, not-for-profit, multi-ethnic organizations that offer location-based and online Kabbalistic training and guidance to practitioners all over the world. The center has come under some fire from Orthodox Jewish rabbis, mainly because tradition dictates that only Jews over 40 years of age should study Kabbalah.

On the other hand, the Kabbalah Center offers training to non-Jewish practitioners who have, in many cases, not converted to Judaism. However, Philip Berg maintained throughout his life that, by making Kabbalah more simple and accessible to whoever is interested makes the practice more relevant to modern life.

Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Diseases

Lung Institute is a department of regenerative solutions specializing in stem cell therapy for a wide range of diseases. The two years old lung Institute based in Tampa has established a branch in Nashville and in the recent past the institute is projected to launch another branch in Scottsdale, Ariz. The institute directly markets its services through both broadcast and print media. The organization posted a half page advert in Tampa Bay time’s newspaper comparing the pros of stem cell therapy to Beatles.

In its first year of operation, lung institute confirmed that they successfully diagnosed over 400 patients in Tampa clinic and another 50 patients in Nashville. Off late, the institute has not published the outcome of its therapies, though, in an interview with Tampa times, Feinermal, a licensed medical practitioner confirmed that over 70 percent of patients have reaped benefits from treatments. For more info, visit

The use stem cell treatment has expressed greatest appeal. From the underlying knowledge on the therapeutic potential of stem cells among other clinically accepted trials for non-lung diseases, it’s essential to move on and consider this approach in treating lung disease, see Though, there is little knowledge on possible effects that might occur as a result of administration of the stem cell therapy to clients with lung disease. Before undertaking the therapy its importance to note the treatment could lead to more adverse implications that could deteriorate client’s condition rather than to improve it. From the preceding, safety should be given the top priority. Many clinics providing stem cell therapy outlines capacity of the treatment contrary to our science understanding.

Different stem cells are formed at different stages of life. These cells entails; embryonic stem cell which exists at the initial stages of growth of specific tissues or adult stem cell that only appears during fetal development and remains in the body throughout the life.

According to Cedars-Sinai, currently, there is only a few numbers of clinically accepted trials in the United States and Canada conducting investigations on stem cell therapy for lung diseases. The data can be easily accessed over national institute of health at Hopefully, more statistics on stem cell therapy will be provided in future.

Discovering More about the Ancient Wisdom Called Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals a new way of living life for the student. Kabbalah is not studied like any other discipline; the principles are learned and applied to build a better lifestyle. Kabbalah originated around the beginning of time with the Jewish nation. It was studied exclusively by rabbis and priests throughout time, but Kabbalah is not a religion; it is a new paradigm for living.

Kabbalah teaches the essentials of the universe at the core level and relates them to the individual. The principles teach all of the angles of life including health, relationships, business, and careers. Kabbalists believe that everything stems from the same root, and the purpose is to find satisfaction and ultimate joy in their life and more information click here.

Kabbalah History
In 2017, everyone who is interested in learning more about Kabbalah is able to go online to and participate or take classes or they may visit a Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah Centres are the central hub of learning about Kabbalah, applying the wisdom to your life, and meeting others who share your idealism. The LA Centre is the largest center worldwide, and it streams the online Kabbalah Centre.

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded by RavAshtag in 1922, and this was when Kabbalah made the transition from the elite studying it to being open to anyone who was interested. Today, the Kabbalah Centres are growing in 40 international cities including Miami, Boca Raton, Moscow, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, New York, Paris, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Netherlands, Belgium, Nigeria, Ghana, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Arizona, Costa Rica, and L.A. and San Francisco, which were two of the original Centres founded by the Bergs during the 1980s.

Kabbalah literally means “to receive,” and it can be added to any belief or religion to reveal more about the universe and your part in it.

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The legacy that Andrea McWilliams is aiming to create at an early age

The season of elections has been concluded and the fever that it brought along with it has cooled down a little bit. The one thing that has been left on the minds of the people of Texas is the fact that Andrea McWilliams is a force to reckon with when it comes to organizing, brokering and negotiating on behalf of the causes that she believes in. Andrea started her own company when she was barely 21; she has been using this as a platform to deal with the issues that she believes in. People that interact with Andrea state that the first thing you notice about her is her high level of intelligence and her sharp skills in organization. These are the skills and talents that have already won her awards and recognition from various quarters.

There are many magazines and other publications that have been carrying her works. These include CBS, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and others. The Texas women’s chamber of commerce gave her special recognition for the efforts that she has been single-handedly making towards the better of the entire society. Andrea has strong persuasion skills, which is another reason behind her massive success. Many of the key players in the Texan politics and other administrative functions like engaging her simply because of her strong skills in persuasion.

Andrea is a native of Texas. She still lives within the city with her husband and their children on Congress Avenue. Other activities and causes that she is passionate about include the HeartGift Association and her role on the Board of the Rise Across Texas Challenge. The massive success she has had with her McWilliams company, and other initiatives that she has been part of have made many people admire her both in Texas and beyond. She is truly an inspiration.