Charitable Movements of George Soros

George Soros has given over $12 billion to date making him the foremost philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930 where he participated in the Nazi occupation. Soros moved to England and enrolled in London School of Economics before fleeing to New York as a stock analyst and a trader.

Earlier Life

Soros experienced hard times as he witnessed the Nazi occupation of 1944 that led to murder of 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family secured false identification documents and assisted others to obtain the papers for them to survive. In 1947, he left Budapest for London where he worked as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter to support his tuition at college. In 1956, Soros immigrated to the US and joined the investment and finance world.

Career life

As a philanthropist, he funded organizations and individuals across the universe fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, and accountable government. He empowers leaders who promote social justice and equality. The giving aims at protecting the discriminated groups like those representing the Roma people and sex workers or drug users.

In 1970, the investor launched a hedge fund called the Solos Fund Management that made him a successful developer in America. He spends his fortune to start the Open Society Foundations that is a network of movements, projects, and partners in over 100 nations. The organization reflects his thinking of philosophy of the great Karl Pooper who was an economist author. Read his profile at Forbes.

Philanthropy Work

Started his charity activities in 1979 when he gave scholarships to the black South Africans during the apartheid period. Soros provided photocopiers to promote the idea-exchanging program in Communist Eastern Bloc. After the falling of Berlin Wall, he founded the Central European University to foster learning and critical thinking. Reports show that Soros funded the cultural exchanges between the west and Eastern Europe.

After the cold war, he moved his philanthropy work to US, Asia, and Africa supporting functions that create more transparency, accountability, and democratic societies. He participated in criticizing the war on drugs and starting of America marijuana movement. To push through for an open society, he was a vocal backer activist of same-sex marriage.

Even in his 80s, he takes an active interest in Open Society Foundations by traveling and supporting its operations. It is clear that George Soros is a true legend as he has touched the heart of many people. The success in the equity market has given him independence that allows him to forge his path towards the numerous opportunities.

Political Involvement

He funded 527 groups in 2004 that were to defeat President George Bush. After the re-election of Bush, Soros joined with other donors and formed a political fundraising movement known as Democracy Alliance that demands for progressive infrastructure in US. From 2013, he has financed Hillary Clinton in her campaigns.

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