Fighting Climate Change with Avaaz

Climate change is a major issue in the world today. One of the biggest problems with climate change is that few people will admit how serious the problem is. There are some great stories of companies and nations reducing pollution in response to climate change threats. However, this is not enough to solve the problem.

Avaaz is an activist group that is trying to educate people on this issue. Over time, this is one of the most important things that companies and government leaders can work on. If nothing is done to combat climate change, the entire world could face major issues in the years ahead. To know more about Avaaz click here.


Avaaz started off as a small activist group many years ago. Over the years, the group expanded and started to take on serious issues. Climate change is a major issue that could impact everyone in the world. Now is the time to start taking steps to protect the environment.

Many fossil fuels used for energy hurt the environment. The problem is that few people are willing to pay more for alternative energy. There are many people who are excited about the innovation that is coming to this industry. Some business leaders are starting to help with funding for research.

Changing The World

Alternative energy is starting to become more popular throughout the world. Now is the time to invest in this growing area of business. Avaaz is a great group of people who are trying to improve the world around them.

The Growth and Success of Foresite Capital with Jim Tananbaum

Foresite Capital is a venture capital company, which has a specialty in healthcare. In a recent report by, the firm made an announcement regarding the appointment of a new venture partner, Dr. Molly He. Molly served at Illumina as the senior director before joining the venture capital firm. Molly brings to Foresite Capital her 15 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. Molly He graduated from Nankai University with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

Jim Tananbaum, who is the CEO of the Foresite Capital, was profoundly delighted to have Molly He on the board. He noted that Molly He’s leadership record of accomplishment and contribution to scientific research were remarkably motivating. Her able leadership and professionalism would come in handy at a time that Foresite Capital continues its portfolio expansion plan of transformational firms. Dr. Molly He is thus an invaluable resource to the venture capital firm. Molly He possesses more than 15 years of relevant experience in the pharmaceutical industry where she spent a large section of her time developing and designing antibodies, which target cancer and immune diseases.

Tananbaum is the founder, chief executive officer and managing director of Foresite Capital. Jim has been working with the company for the past seven years, since 2010. Notably, Jim Tananbaum features a profound experience of more than 25 years in the venture capital sector. With this extensive experience, Jim Tananbaum utilizes it and links it to facilitate the growth and success of his venture capital firm. Before incepting Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum worked with Sierra Ventures as well as the renowned Prospect Partners Ventures.

Jim Tananbaum is among the alumni of both Harvard Business School and Yale University. At Yale University, Jim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. At the Harvard Business School, Jim Tananbaum earned his master’s degree in business administration. He additionally attained an MD from the reputed Harvard Medical School. The MD has enabled him in specializing his venture capital company in healthcare matters. Aside from Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum holds other worthy investments, including Amira Pharmaceuticals, the Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Healtheon. A majority of Jim Tananbaum’s ventures are based at the San Francisco’s Bay Area with Intarcia Therapeutics being among Jim’s prominent deals.

Jim Tananbaum is very competent in his work and has been named to the Forbes list that recognizes the 100 top notch investors. Tananbaum has appeared in this list three consecutive times. According to INC42, this year, he was position 52.


Nathaniel Ru taking healthy living across the country

Nathaniel Ru has gained a reputation as top American businessman from Pasadena, California. Nathaniel Ru co-founded Sweetgreen restaurants along with with his Georgetown classmates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. Nathaniel Ru earned his bachelor’s from Georgetown University’s School of Business.

He was named as one of “30 Under 30” and was listed as one of “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under.” Working in the company, they have managed to have a variety of roles from janitor to CEO. Nathaniel Ru is responsible for the branding and marketing of the company, including the store design.

The three classmates met in a entrepreneurship class and launched Sweetgreen in 2007 near their school’s campus. The three friends acknowledged in an interview that their brand would survive during the winter break because they felt that the Georgetown community did not have any healthy eating options.

Sweetgreen focused on using local produce, offer affordable pricing and great taste. Sweetgreen’s business motto is food that satisfies your values, tastes, imagination, budget and community. Nathaniel Ru believes communities need delicious, healthy and eco-friendly eating options. The company has expanded to more than 40 locations around the country including New York, California, Boston and Chicago.

Sweetgreen prides itself on making all of their own products from scratch each and every day including their dressings. Sweetgreen is tackling each of the latest trends in the food industry including healthy, fresh, organic and local. Nathaniel Ru decided to close its headquarters five times a year so everyone can work in the restaurants.

Nathaniel Ru says he admires Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank and his work to create a company that stands for something greater than just their product. Nathaniel Ru also enjoys northern that cuisine which he has found in DC at Little Serow.

Nathaniel Ru and his buddies did every role in the company but learned that they needed to build a team around them sooner than what they felt comfortable. They have admitted it is hard letting go of some of the jobs in the company.

Nathaniel Ru has been featured in several influential magazines, discussing his team and his company. Nathaniel Ru and his partners launched sweetlife, which has become the area’s largest music and food festival.

Sweetlife attracts more than 20,000 people and features high profile musicians and food from elite chefs, food trucks and farmers. Sweetlife is all about good health and well-being, community and sustainability.

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Dick DeVos’s Achievements With The Windquest Group And $139 Million In Charity

Dick DeVos began The Windquest Group back in 1989 and aside from buying up Michigan startups and promoting non-fossil fuel energy, it’s also been a company that has done a lot for Grand Rapids’ downtown development. It began back in 1991 when the city was planning a new arena to be built in the outskirts of its limits, but Dick DeVos wanted to change the plan to move the construction to the downtown in order to spur business there. After many heavy grassroots campaigns and support from councilmen, the area was moved to the downtown, and after forming the Grand Action committee, Dick and his wife Betsy began a series of developments that greatly impacted Michigan.


It was in the early part of 2017 not long after Betsy was chosen to become US Secretary of Education that Dick DeVos decided to release information on a long-held mystery. He revealed after many years of inquiries from local Grand Rapids media outlets just how much the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation had given to charity over the years. The figure released showed around $139 million in total lifetime giving from the two business leaders, only a fraction of the philanthropy totaled over $1 billion from the DeVos family at large.


Dick DeVos started out at Amway Corporation before he founded The Windquest Group. His full name is Richard Marvin DeVos Jr., the son of Richard DeVos Sr. who currently owns the Orlando Magic and was a big contributor to former President Gerald R. Ford’s 1976 campaign. Dick DeVos served 16 years at the company before leaving for 4 years to pursue other interests, but then returned to take over as CEO and head of foreign sales. He formed Alticor during this time and Amway’s multilevel marketing services grew into 50 different countries. He retired in 2002, but his charity work has made the biggest impact to date.


Driven by his wife Betsy, an education reform activist, Dick DeVos helped start scholarship funding for private schools back in the 1990s and at one time attempted to pass a ballot measure to make private school vouchers in the state’s constitution. He also has been active at historical and traditional American value organizations such as Heritage Foundation and Action Institute. In 2006 he donated over $20 million to complete the children’s hospital in Grand Rapids for which he received the Art of Giving Award.


Dick DeVos has not only given to many Republican candidates including Former President George W. Bush and 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, but he’s also run for office himself. He ran a highly contested governor’s race in 2006 against then Governor Jennifer Granholm but came up short. 6 years later though he won a hard-fought battle to pass a right-to-work law through Republican legislator support in Lansing. That same year he and Betsy made a donation to the University of Maryland to complete their art institute building which was renamed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute of Arts Management.


Tinder Co-founder And Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Taking The World By Storm With A New App

Whitney Wolfe- born in 1990- is an American entrepreneur who is also listed in Forbes 30 under 30. Wolfe is the founder and owner of a dating app called Bumble which lets women be the hunters instead of being the hunted. When Whitney Wolfe started Tinder with her now ex-boyfriend- Justin Mateen, somewhere along the way they fell out in their partnership and relationship where he would call her a ‘whore’ in public and accused her of being a drama queen. He was even known to post some of their intimate messages on internet blogs.

He wanted her out of Tinder because it would be a ‘big embarrassment’ for a prestigious company like Tinder to have a female CEO. According to them having a female CEO would bring down the company’s rankings. Whitney Wolfe sued Justin Mateen for his treatment and abuse towards her and the courts awarded her $1 million plus a few other assets.

A history of Tinder to Bumble

Like most dating apps today, Tinder has been having a lot of men posting inappropriate pictures of their genitalia and talking dirty to women. They also post pictures which do not reveal their true identity. Women tend to be very vulnerable.

It is important to note that there are approximately 92 million people using dating apps worldwide and there needs to be a sense of privacy and protection, especially for the vulnerable woman. That is where Bumble and Whitney Wolfe come in. Bumble is for women and protects women. When a man over steps with vulgar language on Bumble he is told to ‘be nice.’ Another great thing about Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is that profile pictures must be verified; therefore possibility that the person is a fake is almost nil.

Thumbs up for Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

Bumble does not promise complete protection to women from men, but in the dating system, it organizes more protection for women than other apps. In fact, Bumble has the highest known protection to women that all its other competitors of dating apps. The security section also helps women get protection by revealing rogue men and blocking them. Whitney Wolfe’s app has also been named as the ‘feminist tinder.’