Tobias Jaeger: A Love Of Helping People

Tobias Jaeger has always loved traveling. He loves to absorb different cultures. These two combined experiences lead him to a love of connecting people. Ever since he was a young man attending Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he has had this strong feeling to do something that would make a difference in the world. He has always wanted to help people achieve their dreams. So he started teaching empowerment courses all around Europe. These courses were structured to help people get lives in order. They were meant to give people a sense of hope and also to guide them in the direction to start their lives with confidence. It gave them hope to believe in themselves.


Tobias Jaeger later began to dabble in the e-gaming industry where he partnered with a leading poker player to help people learn the art and skill of the poker industry. As he did with the empowerment courses, he taught this skill so that people could make a significant living with online poker, again wanting people to live better lives.


Today Tobias Jaeger is the head of a Venture Capital company called AXIOM. The company’s focus is on media and entertainment. The main purpose of this venture was to connect Europe to the rest of the world of media and television to the world of finance. Out of this venture came AXIOM pictures. The idea was to find a way to use the media and television to help raise money for military and other great causes.


The main thought in Tobias Jaeger’s head is to figure out ways to help people. That is his life’s goal. No matter if it’s to raise money to help people overcomes disasters, to help important organizations like the military, or to help individuals and households have a better income to be more financially stable. He feels like his life is enriched every time he sees a breath of relief by a company or individual who is having a hard time.


To learn more about Tobias Jaeger and his causes, please visit or There you will find his biography and also his accomplishments, as well as his current business ventures.