Malcolm CasSelle, the next big thing

He has completely altered how we could do business on the internet and in fact, we should expect nothing less from such an innovative man. His firm WAX has introduced a method of cryptocurrency market that allows players to take possession of in-game resources and produce their own exchanges of virtual goods and services. There’s absolutely no demand for a centralized entity to restrain or moderate trade; rather, the consumers have all of the power.

This great man is Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm CasSelle is a global entrepreneur and expert businessman. He’s spent much of his own funds to finance businesses like Facebook and Zynga. His most recent interests are businesses which base their money on Bitcoin because cryptocurrency is all the rage. He introduced several changes and updates during his period as General Manager to several companies. MediaPass is one such company.

MediaPass is an internet payment system created to permit subscriptions for creators of digital content; the paywall system then aids the creators by creating revenue from their content. Next, he became the CEO of Xfire — a huge supplier of social networking networks for players. The societal revolution into social media was exponentially successful; they created over 22 million consumers globally for their product. Malcolm moved into China and briefly worked as manager for Capitol Union Investments. He handled personal investments and grew the company by a sizeable percent.


A high point in Malcolm CasSelle’s professional life is his period served in Groupon. Groupon presented an opportunity for a joint venture with Chinese tech firm, Tencent. Tencent also offers a video game division that functioned excellently for Malcolm’s tech growth as well.

After this, Malcolm created NetNoir, he had been praised for such a radical idea. This was a site for African Americans to collect ideas with each other. NetNoir became the very first business to be taken into AOL’s Greenhouse Program, a massive accomplishment for Malcolm.


Malcolm is one of the world’s leading technology moguls and reveals nothing less than excellence for whatever project he rolls out. WAX is destined to be the upcoming huge thing with him sitting in a position of leadership.