The Rise of Fabletics and the Growing Number of Physical Stores

Women are working out, and they want to look good while they are riding the elliptical machines or lifting weights. They want to have an certain amount of confidence when they go into the gym to get on the treadmill. This all starts before they leave home. It is going to be to their advantage to have clothing that they are comfortable in. It is also very likely that they would enjoy clothes that are stylish as well.


Celebrities like Kate Hudson knows that women have these needs. She has the same needs and desires herself. That is why there is so much social media attention directed towards the growing Fabletics company that she is the co-founder of.


This has become a very an important part of the athletic retail clothing industry. It is a store that has become very dominant with an online presence that most people will not believe. Even though there are less than two dozen of these physical stores in place it appears that sales of up to $650 million dollars. This mark the revenue that has been made within the course of a single year by Fabletics. This shows that this company is on the road to making some really strong sales in the retail clothing industry. Women are impressed with what this company is doing, and there is a large amount of loyalty for this brand because it continues to evolve.


There are a lot of clothing companies that have simply stayed the same over the years. There may have been clothes that were released by certain companies that still look like everything else that they released a couple of months ago. When people go to the Fabletics website they are not going to find this same type of monotony. Instead, Kate Hudson has done her best to create what she calls an extensive line of athleisurewear. She updates the site on a regular basis with these clothing selections.


If there is one thing that Kate realizes more than anything else it is the fact that women like variety. She has often used what is called the reverse showrooming concept where women may spend hours looking at the different clothes online before they go to a physical store to shop. This is great because it allows them to see the variety that is available with this company, and it also allows them to see exactly what they would need before they go to the store.


Since Fabletics is a fairly new company this is a very smart concept. People could find themselves in a place where they really may not have a desire to initially go to the store if they have never heard of it. If they go to the website, however, and see all of the selections of garments that are available they may become intrigued. This is what will essentially lead them to a physical store. This is why Kate is planning to open more stores for her growing customer base.

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Fabletics – Vast Collection of Quality Athleisure Products at Highly Reasonable Prices

The fashion world is changing at a rapid pace, and it is essential because of the new and evolving trends that are sweeping away the market. One of the latest trends is of the athleisure products, and while there are many companies out there that are offering fitness clothing and gear, there is none that offers quality at an affordable price such as Fabletics. Fabletics has grown to become one of the leading brands in the athleisure niche and is giving tough competition to even big companies like Amazon, who dominates the market with more than 20 percent market share.



Fabletics is the brand that is managed by TechStyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and famous Hollywood celebrity, Kate Hudson. The popularity of Kate Hudson and her being the brand ambassador of Fabletics also played a significant role in giving the marketing campaign of Fabletics the push it required to penetrate the market and win over the target audience.



Even though the fashion market online is highly competitive, Fabletics has been able to do the business of close to $300 million in the recent quarter and continues to show the signs of over 30 percent annual growth in the turnover year after year since its inception in 2012. In just four years, the company has grown in size manifolds, and now has a huge workforce of more than 1,400 employees, which includes a specialized customer service team of 1,000 employees. It shows the commitment of Fabletics to ensure its clients from across the globe, attentive and responsive customer service at all times.



Fabletics has grown seamlessly in the past five years since its launch in 2012, and it is primarily due to the innovative marketing and business strategies implemented by the company from time to time. One of the recent business strategies that have proved to be highly fruitful for the company is reverse showroom technique. In this technique, the brand aims to make it big online before moving on to physical stores.



It helps in creating the hype around the brand alive and also improves customer retention. Mostly, it is seen that the customers’ window shop in the showrooms, and go on to buy products similar to what they saw in the showroom online. However, with reverse showroom technique, such occurrence is minimized to a considerable extent. If you are looking to join Fabletics, make sure to check out the Lifestyle Quiz offered at Fabletics’ official website.