The Kabbalah Center at the Forefront of Hollywood’s Mystical Renaissance

Kabbalah is a section of Jewish mysticism that attempts to define the relationship between the eternal and unchanging Ein Sof, or infinite, and the finite mortal universe. It tries to define human nature, why we exist, and various other existential questions, in an effort to achieve spiritual realization.

It is not a religion in itself, but its concepts and teachings have been integral in the origins of denominations like Christianity and New Ageism, among other western arcane adaptations. Since Kabbalah’s roots are firmly entrenched in Judaism, the practice uses a lot of Jewish sources in its teachings and demonstrations. So, why are so many non-Jewish Hollywood celebrities flocking in droves towards Kabbalah, to the point that they practice in regularly and even convert to Judaism in some cases?

Since her high-profile involvement, other celebrities have similarly become invested in the practice. These include big names like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, and the late Marylin Monroe, Sammy Davis, and Elizabeth Taylor.

These celebrity practitioners explain that Kabbalah has helped them eliminate chaos in their lives, cope with trauma, and deal with the minutiae of daily life. Others like the late Sammy Davis we’re drawn to Kabbalah to become part of something with such a rich spiritual and ideological history. The Kabbalah Center explains that these are common desires because the practice provides its adherents with practical tools from the arcane wisdom that help create joy, fulfillment and lasting contentment.

Based in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Center has been at the forefront of the mystical Renaissance sweeping through Hollywood. The center was started by master Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922, after which leadership subsequently passed to his student Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, and later to Rav Philip Berg. Philip and his wife, Karen, were critical to Kabbalah’s penetration of Hollywood, leading the movement to his death in 2013.

The Kabbalah Center is a global, not-for-profit, multi-ethnic organizations that offer location-based and online Kabbalistic training and guidance to practitioners all over the world. The center has come under some fire from Orthodox Jewish rabbis, mainly because tradition dictates that only Jews over 40 years of age should study Kabbalah.

On the other hand, the Kabbalah Center offers training to non-Jewish practitioners who have, in many cases, not converted to Judaism. However, Philip Berg maintained throughout his life that, by making Kabbalah more simple and accessible to whoever is interested makes the practice more relevant to modern life.

Discovering More about the Ancient Wisdom Called Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals a new way of living life for the student. Kabbalah is not studied like any other discipline; the principles are learned and applied to build a better lifestyle. Kabbalah originated around the beginning of time with the Jewish nation. It was studied exclusively by rabbis and priests throughout time, but Kabbalah is not a religion; it is a new paradigm for living.

Kabbalah teaches the essentials of the universe at the core level and relates them to the individual. The principles teach all of the angles of life including health, relationships, business, and careers. Kabbalists believe that everything stems from the same root, and the purpose is to find satisfaction and ultimate joy in their life and more information click here.

Kabbalah History
In 2017, everyone who is interested in learning more about Kabbalah is able to go online to and participate or take classes or they may visit a Kabbalah Centre.  The LA Centre is the largest center worldwide, and it streams the online Kabbalah Centre.

The first Kabbalah Centre was founded by RavAshtag in 1922, and this was when Kabbalah made the transition from the elite studying it to being open to anyone who was interested. Today, the Kabbalah Centres are growing in 40 international cities including Miami, Boca Raton, Moscow, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, New York, Paris, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Netherlands, Belgium, Nigeria, Ghana, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Arizona, Costa Rica, and L.A. and San Francisco, which were two of the original Centres founded by the Bergs during the 1980s.

Kabbalah literally means “to receive,” and it can be added to any belief or religion to reveal more about the universe and your part in it.

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