Sam Boraie Changes The Urban Landscape Of New Brunswick

Sam Boraie is the proprietor of Boraie Development LLC, a real estate development company that is transforming the city of New Brunswick. The 72- year old Egyptian moved to the United States to advance his studies in chemistry. The few available buildings in New Brunswick were dilapidated. Omar saw an opportunity and seized it. He decided to redevelop the city. He aimed to rebuild New Brunswick to look like different European cities that he had visited when he was a scholar. After 4 pm, no one would be found walking on the streets given that everyone was afraid of being robbed. Omar knew that developing high rise office buildings and condos in the city would bring life back to the city. Initially, many people doubted his ideas, as no one believed that it would work for New Brunswick. Decades later, everyone marvels at the unique developments that Omar has established in the city. To this end, he has played an integral role in enhancing the economy and image of the city.

His first development project was the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The building had well-designed modern offices that the city needed. He also realized that there was demand for quality and decent residential units. Adopting the idea of New York City’s high rise building complex, Omar developed a 25-story Spring Street Condominium building with 121 units, offices, retail shops as well as a parking garage. By virtue of running his real estate business, he was exposed to a large market of luxury properties. There were an increasing number of professionals who were seeking to work in New Brunswick, including doctors, lawyers, teachers, policemen, nurses and entrepreneurs. Such professionals value quality residential properties. The Aspire is one of the properties that Omar has developed to accommodate a market of tenants who value luxury, convenience and style. Tenants of the property can access various entertainment options, restaurants, and night life. This information was originally mentioned on Central Jersey Working Moms as outlined in the following link

About Boraie Development

According to NJ Biz, for over three decades, Boraie Development LLC has been operating as a going concern. Boraie Development specializes in urban development, property management and sales/marketing. They partner with leading financial institutions, contractors and architects to come up with unique properties within the desired timelines. The company is reputable for enhancing customer satisfaction. The company’s outstanding performance in the real estate industry is credited to their blend of commitment and vision, as they seek to develop consumer-oriented buildings. With the growing economic demand for urban centers, Boraie Development seeks to deliver retail spaces, residential buildings, student housing and hotel properties.